My Extended Project

Art is Rubbish

I like this simple but creative idea as it adds a bit of colour without being overpowering. It’s also incorporating the double yellow lines which are already there which I think is inventive.

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Pablo Delgado’s¬†work instantly caught my eye as it was bright and vibrant and just a bit of fun which I believe is very important when it comes to art especially street art.

I like the way his work links in to the surroundings for example the reds, yellows and blacks all tie in to the shop theme so it looks classy not just plastered on to the side of the wall.

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An Abandoned house (temporary gallery) covered in street art.

What I like about this house in London is the fact that the artists are making use of an abandoned space. Many people who don’t like the idea of street art would object to having it on walls around the city so this is an exciting way of getting to display modern street art.

This has inspired my project as I like the scale of it. All in all the pieces aren’t massive they are just a series of smaller works. The top image has given me the idea to include powerful statements in my work. They could be project appropriate for example challenging the necessity of creativity against the academic success surrounding Cambridge.

I really liked the bottom photograph and it gave me the idea to create small pieces of street art that were of parts of Cambridge to place around Cambridge. For example I would paint a small punt and Photoshop it on to the side of the river bank in town.

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